DOTNET fundamentals dotnet new TEMPLATE

.NET fundamentals dotnet new <TEMPLATE> This article applies to: ✔️ .NET Core 3.1 SDK and later versions dotnet new – Creates a new project, configuration file, or solution based on the specified template. Synopsis .NET CLI dotnet new <TEMPLATE> [–dry-run] [–force] [-lang|–language {“C#”|”F#”|VB}] [-n|–name <OUTPUT_NAME>] [–no-update-check] [-o|–output <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY>] [Template options]   dotnet new -h|–help Description The dotnet new command creates a .NET project or other artifacts based on a template. The command calls the template engine to create the artifacts on disk based on the specified template and options. Note…

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How to Install GO on Windows


How to Install Go on Windows Golang or go in short is an open-source systems programming language. Its syntax is similar to that of the C programming language and comes with memory safety and garbage collection. It’s really simple to install go. So, let’s get started. Prerequisites for GoLang We need a version control software to manage go projects. Here we will use git. Installing git So, let’s first install git. If you have already installed git, you can skip this step. 1. Download git installer Go to and click on…

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Duplicator For WordPress – Quick Start


Duplicator For WordPress – Quick Start For Duplicator Lite & Pro* Create Backups  Back up Site (create package) The following describes how to restore a site in the same or new location using a Duplicator package (installer/archive). It’s assumed you’ve created a package as described in the “Back up Site” section above and plan to install all files and the database contained in the package. * Items in green apply only to Duplicator Pro users.  Follow Along Step-By-Step (starting @ 8:00 of 24:57) 1. Download package files to local computer After creating a package download…

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