Duplicator For WordPress – Quick Start


Duplicator For WordPress – Quick Start For Duplicator Lite & Pro* Create Backups  Back up Site (create package) The following describes how to restore a site in the same or new location using a Duplicator package (installer/archive). It’s assumed you’ve created a package as described in the “Back up Site” section above and plan to install all files and the database contained in the package. * Items in green apply only to Duplicator Pro users.  Follow Along Step-By-Step (starting @ 8:00 of 24:57) 1. Download package files to local computer After creating a package download…

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HOW TO enable Hibernate mode in Windows 8

HOW TO enable Hibernate mode in Windows 8   You may have observed, especially if you’re a laptop user, is that the Power menu, once you finally reach it, has no Hibernate option. You can click Sleep, Shut down, or Restart, but if you want to hibernate your machine, well, you’re outta luck. Why on earth would Microsoft remove this option? I have no idea. It probably came from the same logic-defying committee that decided eliminating the Start button was a smart move. (Seriously, if you can think of any…

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